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Grassroots Landscaping, Inc

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Pictures of Our Work

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ALL NEW PICTURES AND PROJECTS ARE UP ON THIS PAGE, NEW ONES ARE BEING ADDED REGULARLY!  Let us know what you think of the pictures by emailing us at 

All New 2004 SEASON!!

Retaining Wall and Paver sidewalk (7-04)

Beautiful Paver Patio and Landscaping (9-04)

Raised Paver Patio and Retaining Walls (8-04)




Retaining Wall (9/01)





Polito's Landscape install (5-02) *Updated photos!

Romaire's Wall (6-02)

Seitelbach's Residence (6-02)

Gilbert's Wall (8-02)

Wilwerding's Wall (8-02)


Jones' Residence

Stevens' Landscape Project

Highland Wall *NEW

Goodrich Project *NEW

Dry Creek Bed *NEW

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