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Grassroots Landscaping, Inc

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Some Info About Us

We feel a good relationship with the customer is vital, so here is some information about us so that you can get to know us a little bit.

Who Are We?

   We are a landscape design and build business that is based in Omaha, NE. We offer a number of services including retaining walls, landscape design and installation, lawn care, and carpentry.

   This is our 5th year in business, and we love it. Each year we have been growing because of word of mouth from our customers, we can't thank you enough.

The Company

   Grassroots Landscaping, Inc. started in 1999 with me, Andy Szatko. I have worked in the landscape industry since I was 16, and decided early on that I wanted this to be my career. So I started attending the University of Nebraska and started studying Horticulture and landscape design. I graduated in May 2003 from UNL.  I recently won the Northern Great Plains Student Entrepreneur Award for successfully operating a company while attending college full-time.  I also continue to attend conventions and seminars to continue my education.  In a nutshell, this is how everything has come together to create Grassroots Landscaping, Inc.

Our Philosophy

   We believe that if you put all of your effort into every job, you'll get a great product in the end.  Many customers prefer a quality job instead of a cheap one, because with a quality job they'll get a higher level of satisfaction and fewer headaches down the road.   When the job is completed and the client gives their approval, it's a great feeling.
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